June 2015

The first official WebEx / roundtable discussion of the Tribal Climate Education Network occurred on Wednesday, June 10th. AIHEC‘s Al Kuslikis requested the meeting from NOAA CRT and BIA Climate Program to leverage the new Tribal Nations topic in the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit showcasing diverse tribal climate resilience examples and tools in six subtopics representing adaptation strategies:

David Herring, Director of Communications & Education, NOAA Climate Program Office provided a Comprehensive Overview (PDF) of U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit architecture that was built as a direct deliverable of the White House 2013 Climate Action Plan. Nina Hall, the lead content manager for Tribal Nations and Luann Dalhma, the lead CLimate Explorer developer also presented.  The Tribal Nations Topic summary and subtopic overview pages were mostly derived from vetted content from the Indigenous Peoples, Lands and Resources Chapter of the 2014 Third National Climate Assessment.  A team of illustrious tribal climate leaders and partners vetted the resulting content before it was to be soft-released on June 30th.

A roundtable discussion followed the presentations to better understand how the diverse membership of tribal climate leaders and educators might coordinate more effectively using Tribal Nations as a point of departure to develop a variety of initiatives and greater synergies.


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