July 2015

For the second WebEx, Margaret Herzog, BIA Tribal Climate Resilience Program IT/GIS Systems and Services served as the facilitator.  She presented some highlights David Herring, NOAA had shared during the June 2015 initial discussion.  The presentation included information the group had collected in the previous month on the many tribal educational institutions and groups, tribal climate leaders and partners that might coordinate expanded initiatives to leverage Tribal Nations, as well as, a wide variety of other climate initiatives that the group came up with during their discussion in the prior month.  Kathy Lynn, PNW TCC Network and lead author of the Tribal CC Resource Guide, suggested that they consider adding the Ocean Acidification Curriculum Collection to the toolkit, so the group followed up with Suquamish Tribe to do just that, which was then highlighted in the August 2015 discussion.  Mike Montoya also discussed the need for an alternative or improve Sovereign Nations Service Corps ongoing support mechanism, since Americorps (Corporation for National and Community Service) tended to provide only short-term, variable funding.  An attempt at followup with CNCS staff at the August Native American Fish and Wildlife Society Meeting was unproductive, but AIHEC thought that a more promising, standing contract with a nonprofit might prove more sustainble, which continues to be explored among closer ties with the First Nations Development Corps Nourishing Native Food and Health programs.  As Mike mentioned in the October 2015 discussion, a wise man once said, a Nation cannot consider itself sovereign if it cannot independently feed its peoples.


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