Aug 2015

In August, Paul Williams, Shellfish & Ocean Manager for the Suquamish Tribe presented the newly added Tribal Nations case entitled: Suquamish Build Resilience to Ocean Acidification Through Education and the related tool: Ocean Acidification Curriculum Collection.

Margaret shared with the group in followup a variety of Citizen Science tools and services, including: for launching private data collection initiatives with set fields and protocols and for Citizen Science educators and leaders on WordPress. There is also a freely downloadable article on the subjectScience Starter offers and entire list of existing CitSci efforts one can join.

Both Haskell Tribal College Students and the NC CSC have been using Nature’s Notebook to collect phenology data with effective protocols that enhance the value of the data, and Project Budburst, a NEON project, determines how climate change is affecting blooming of different plant species.

Paul and others plan to consider more Citizen Science initiatives, such as The Oceans Network Canada (ONC) mobile apps, Oceans and Waters Science Starter, and / or the Seawater Plastic Bit Sampling Project for his students.


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